23 February 2022

Our new home

Like the Redemptorist priests and brothers who moved from Ballarat in 1963, the current Majellan team went in search of a new home once the decision was made to sell Brighton.

A special Easter

Easter Saturday Night at Byron Bay. The church was in semi-darkness and except for the odd sniffle there wasn’t a sound. The visitors to the small-town church wondered what was going to happen. There was an air of excitement about the place.

Magic of mothers

Mum, madre or mutter: it doesn’t matter what language as it all translates to love. So, Mother’s Day? Not quite sure what this means for most women. I know for me, a mum of two daughters aged six and eight that so far it hasn’t meant a day of R&R. With early risers, 6.30am is the latest I sleep in.

The family community

Numerous priests and brothers were part of the Redemptorist community during the 58 years at Brighton. They came from interstate and overseas. Some religious, such as Fr Bill Stinson and Bishop Paul Bird, stayed many years while the tenures of others were more fleeting.