Being judged by others

Join us as we uncover the deep-seated issue of being judged by others and how it can impact mental health. Together with fellow year 11 students, we discuss how judgement can stem from various aspects such as physical appearance, cultural background, and behaviors. We also explore the role of social media as a platform for such judgement, the detrimental effect it can have on an individual's self-esteem, and the importance of resisting the pressure to conform to others' opinions.

In the second half of our conversation, we underscore the importance of seeking professional help in navigating difficult emotions or situations. We touch on the various resources available to assist, such as school counselors, Helpline, Headspace, and local GPs. We emphasize that it's okay to be vulnerable and seek help, and that self-acceptance is key. Listen in as we share personal experiences and insights on this crucial topic.

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