Facing Academic Stress: A Candid Conversation with Students

Prepare for an understanding of academic stress as we welcome four bright minds from St John’s Regional College, Dandenong – Royce, Adarsh, Alexander, and Sherlyn. Together with Jo, a student and family wellbeing officer

We embark on a journey into the world of academic pressure, time management, and career choices. The students are candid about their experiences, sharing the impact of stress on their mental well-being and the anxiety that comes with planning their future. They open up about the expectations, not just from peers and families, but the self-imposed ones as well.

We then shift gears to discuss the role of a positive mental attitude in tackling these challenges. Our students and Joe offer invaluable insights on how positive thoughts can be a powerful tool in managing stress and maintaining focus on the future.

Listen as they share their unique perspectives on how they foster a positive mindset despite the pressures of exams and study. The authenticity of their experiences provides a refreshing outlook on education and mental health. And will kicj start a lively group discussion.

Whether you are a student bogged down by academic pressure, a parent trying to understand your child’s stress, or an educator aiming to support your students better, this conversation promises a wealth of understanding and practical advice.

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