Remembering our loved ones

Prayers and rememberence for loved ones we have lost.

You may know someone who is mourning, or you yourself may be grieving. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. At Majellan we want to offer some support to all that may be grieving so I invite you to list the name of anyone you know of who has died so we can remember and acknowledge and pray for them and their families.

We invite you to register the name(s) of anyone who has passed away recently. We will list the names on a special page on our website and send the details to our Redemptorist communities to be included in their Masses and prayer services.

Let’s pause and remember those we have lost, young and old. May perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace.

Majellan Family Prayers

This week we pray for Tolerance. The willingness to tolerate someone is the fruit of recognising his or her intrinsic worth as a person, no matter their colour, creed, or culture.

People find it too easy at times to be judgmental and to reduce a person’s value because of one comment they have made or the way they look.

It is important to remember that each person is made in the image of God and no one is better than the person next door. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia

Catholic schools have grown to become the largest provider of schooling in Australia (outside government) with one in five school age students now attending a Catholic school. In 2021 as we celebrate 200 years of Catholic education, we recognise and appreciate the role of Catholic schools in forming students in their faith, while providing an education that enables them to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Israel Palestine

Pope Francis appealed “in the name of God” for calm in the Holy Land, after seven days of fighting that has left scores of people dead and hundreds more wounded.

The deaths of dozens of children among them are particularly “terrible and unacceptable,” the Pope said. “Their death is a sign that people do not want to build the future, but to destroy it.” 

Family in the Light of the Word

The second video in a twelve part series has been released by Pope Francis to commemorate the year of the family. Pope Francis says: “How do we imagine God’s love? Is there a concrete reality in the world that helps us see this love with our own eyes? Certainly there is! It is the family! The image of God is reflected in man and in woman, in conjugal love: a living ‘icon’ through which God is made manifest”.

Majellan Family Prayers

Families often face a range of challenges and experiences. But a meaningful prayer life will help get your family through the tough times. So, ‘toughing it out’ is the theme of this week’s Magellan Family Prayer. If you are interested in more prayers for your family, a great resource can be found in Renee Bartkowski’s ”Family Prayers for Daily Grace’. Click below to find out more.

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