Majellan editors

The Majellan has had only six editors in its 73-year history, Father Fr John Hogan being the first. Fr Bill Stinson took over the reigns in the 1950s.


Father Bill Stinson CSsR (1963–1979 and 1985–1995)

The October-December 1995 issue of The Majellan was the last for long serving and much respected editor Fr Bill Stinson who passed away aged 76 in August that year. Associated with the magazine for more than 40 years, the tribute article’s headline on Fr Stinson’s life simply said, ‘Mr Majellan’.

Father Max Barrett CSsR (1979–1985)

After stints as associate editor and a contributing writer over many years, Fr Max Barrett was appointed editor in 1979. He continued in that role until 1985 when Fr Bill Stinson once again accepted the editor’s hat.

Bishop Paul Bird CSsR (1996–2008)

Fr Paul Bird CSsR was appointed the Redemptorist Provincial in 2008 ending his 13-year tenure as editor. Later appointed Bishop of Ballarat, a highlight of his time at the helm was the magazine’s win of the Bishop Philip Kennedy Memorial Prize (Excellence for Best Print Magazine) at the 2006 Australasian Catholic Press Association Awards dinner.

Father Michael Gilbert CSsR (2009–2014)

Well-known to Majellan readers, Fr Michael Gilbert CSsR took over the mantle as editor in 2009. He had been an associate editor since 1995 and a contributing writer for many years. A gifted writer, Fr Michael also wrote regular reflections in the Sunday bulletins for parishes.

David Ahern (2014 – present)

After six years at the helm, Fr Michael moved on to other duties. David Ahern, a former newspaper and radio journalist, was the first lay person to be appointed editor since the magazine’s launch in the late 1940s. The magazine began as the Quarterly Bulletin of Saint Gerard’s League.