Autumn 2023

Playing their part for peace

The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers is held each year on May 29. It is an opportunity to honour the contribution of the uniformed and civilian personnel who work for the organisation.

The festivals usually occur on May 1 or at Pentecost, although in some countries the maypole is erected between June 20-26. In some places, the maypole is a permanent feature that is only used during the festival.

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Then and Now

There are family reunions, and then there are BIG family reunions. Thanks to Luisa Franchina from Coburg, Victoria (and her daughter Alexandra) for sending in a photo of their extended family (Sciuto) get together late last year. Far too many people to name personally but no doubt it was a grand affair and enjoyed by one and all.

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Messy families matter

Cover me in sunshine! Shower me in good times!

They sing in unison and dance side-by-side like each other’s mirror reflection. It’s a very sweet, carefully choreographed number, performed by two very sweet, seven-year-old identical twins. The only problem is, this chorus seems to run on a loop for them and we are now entering the sixth movement.

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