Spring 2019

The much-cherished local library

French author Victor Hugo (1805-1882) wrote, “A library is an act of faith.”
I joined my local library at about the age of ten. I clearly remember walking into the children’s section, which was something like a large walk-in wardrobe, and being overwhelmed by the floor to ceiling books

The greatest grandma

A letter was sent in from Mary Gartland of Blackburn, Victoria regarding the passing of her mother in September 2018. Her mother had been a Majellan subscriber for more than 60 years. The following is a tribute written by Mary’s nephew, Michael.

Spinal gap

On a sunny morning in July 2017, Gold Coast Titans NRL player Chris McQueen nervously lay waiting on a hospital gurney. Having swapped his bright blue jersey for a white hospital gown, he watched as the anaesthetist wiped his arm with an alcohol swab and winced as the needle of the intravenous cannula pierced his skin.

Saint of the Sahara

Son of a viscount, Charles was born in Strasburg on September 15, 1858. A dreamer, who put the Eucharist and the gospel at the centre of his existence, he was born of a staunchly Catholic family. Seven months after his birth, his mother died as a result of a miscarriage and his father passed away six months later from tuberculosis.

Pregnancy magazine arrives

The fourth issue of our pregnancy magazine, Becoming Parents – A Spiritual journey is now available.
And a New Journey Begins complements the first three issues that cover topics relevant to a couples’ pregnancy journey. The last issue includes articles on breastfeeding, respecting yourself, setting boundaries for visitors, baby’s first steps and sharing your hopes and dreams.

Living with Suicide grief

Suicide, unfortunately, is still far too prevalent in Western society. While researchers are increasingly finding cures or new ways to help people live longer from cancer and other illnesses, the toll from people deciding to end their lives is bucking the trend.

Inspiring heart-felt love

Pure in Heart is certainly swimming against the tide of 21st century culture. It began in the early 1990s when during a trip to Medjugorje, two young Irish women, Anne Wright and Edel Reynolds, felt a call to do something to promote purity. They began to speak of chastity in schools and at retreats.