The bonds between us

#JamesBond? 007? Live another day ….   

No, we are not promoting the film series or the book, rather we are recalling the bonds between us. At times, they might seem to be like a soap opera but they are always entertaining and can be heart-warming.   

Bonds are paramount to each family’s purpose and success. A family might gather wood for the fireplace, walk along the beach, or have an afternoon drink  in the garden to take advantage of the warmer Spring weather.   

Family activities need not depend on spending lots of money. Creativity is the key.   

Cheryl has developed a game. Why not develop your own board game?   



Pick some of your favourite colours and draw four dog kennels with each colour, then write down four of your favourite breeds. Take a card or a separate sheet of paper and write down four pet names. Try and match the pet to the colour, also the name to the pet and which coloured kennel the pet would live in.   

Alternatively, what else can you do to have fun?  A white day, wear white on Tuesday – down to the socks. Op shop evening – perhaps sharing an item you bought from an opportunity shop and disclose how much you paid for it. See if the other person can find a better deal?   

Find your inner creativeness! There is no shortage of great ideas out there.   

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