The Dinner Table – a place for gathering, sharing, being family

In this new podcast series, we are on a mission to reunite families at the Dinner Table. We want to help families be closer, sharing and more loving. The dinner table is not only an area for eating but a place for gathering, sharing, communicating and where relationships can grow. Studies show there are enormous mental and physical health benefits for the whole family with reduced rates of anxiety and depression. There are so many benefits, and, in this series, we’ll give you ideas on how to get your family to the dinner table and how to make it a valuable experience for everyone.

We are joined again by Derek Boylen who featured in our Focus Sessions series. Derek is a father of nine, and director of the Centre for Life, Marriage and Family in the Archdiocese of Perth. He’s also a lecturer in the Discipline of Counselling at the University of Notre Dame in Perth specialising in grief and loss, professional and personal growth, and couple and family therapy. 

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