What is your favourite Elvis song?  

Elvis Presley’s legacy is that of a singing and acting superstar, yet he sadly passed away at the young age of 42 after a challenging life. Yet to his family he was more than a rock ‘n roll star: he was also a husband and a father.

The sudden stardom, the money and the drugs all contributed to his downfall depicted in the recent and popular Elvis’ movie but throughout he retained a great love for his family. He also loved his mother dearly and was deeply thankful for her.

In Elvis’ melodies, we can witness his life through music …  it was a story of pain and suffering, tears, and joy. There was also the tribute to his wife Priscilla with “Always on my Mind”.

There was Elvis the military man and the actor. With all that he was doing when did he have time to stop? Perhaps his loneliness was reflected in his song “Are you lonesome tonight”.

On a positive note, “If I can dream”, was about Elvis’ fondness for gospel music and his love of God. 

Elvis’ life and legacy remind us of the hopes he had for his own family but like many he fell short. “As long as a man has the strength to dream …. “ My favourite song to share on Father’s Day is “If I can Dream.” Elvis – If I Can Dream (Official Live Performance) – YouTube

Post below your favourite Elvis song or memory?

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