Your story matters

The magical power that’s fundamental to the telling of every person’s story is powerful and can help your family. Overcoming trauma or just turning a negative into a positive can a create a collective sense of belonging and being needed. So, embrace your stories! Your story may seem insignificant but not to your family. Digging out an old stump in the back garden, buying a new puppy or relating your insomnia are stories that should be told rather than kept to yourself. When we share our everyday stories with family and friends, we humanise our experience, cementing the bonds with the people we love. I recently heard a story of a beautiful wedding; the weather was perfect, and the bride and groom looked gorgeous. Unfortunately, a guest accidentally spat red wine over the bride’s white wedding gown at the end of the night. The bride was upset that her beautiful dress was ruined on the best day of her life. Perhaps she’d planned to hand the dress on to a future daughter. Every person has a unique story, good and bad. Bring your story back to life! Excellent day all Cheryl

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