Day: 15 March 2022

Morality of War Part 2

Last week I wrote about the scandalous attack on Ukraine by Russia ( The invasion cannot be justified for any reason. As we have witnessed on the daily news feeds, innocent lives have been lost which is appalling and dreadfully sad.

Where to find repentance

We might understand saying sorry, or an apology, forgiveness, even reconciliation and healing, but often we’re uncertain what part repentance plays in our lives. Yet it’s the very first thing that Jesus calls us to in the gospels and in Lent it’s front and centre.

Happy times

This Sunday is International Day of Happiness and on Monday we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Like any mother and son, Lorna and Paul Castles have a special bond, and after a lifetime living under the same roof their affection for one another runs deep. Lorna is a sprightly 95 and Paul is 52 and lives with Down’s syndrome.

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