Morality of War Part 2

Last week I wrote about the scandalous attack on Ukraine by Russia (https://majellan.media/morality-of-war-part-one/). The invasion cannot be justified for any reason. As we have witnessed on the daily news feeds, innocent lives have been lost which is appalling and dreadfully sad.

Morality of War Part One

In this three part series we explore the morality of war in the 21st century. – “When the reports from the Ukraine appear on the television news at night, I have to mute the sound. I can’t bear to watch the suffering. The bombed-out buildings and the swollen, teary eyes of terrified small children.”

Cancel Culture

The phenomenon of ‘cancel culture’ on a moral level must raise questions. This concept, which started as a desire to remove the ‘like’ or ‘I like’ from a certain image or phrase on social media, has turned into “a dumping of something or someone. Rejecting an individual or an idea” imposing a unique culture. By Fr. Alfonso V. Amarante, C.Ss.R.

News from Ukraine

We publish the overview of the current situation and the response of the Ukrainian confreres to the humanitarian criris caused by Russian aggression, provided by Fr. Andriy Rak, C.Ss.R., provincial superior of the Lviv Province, in his letter sent in the morning on February 27.