Healing Our World

A reminder that the ‘Healing Our World’ retreat at St Clement’s Conference Centre in Galong, NSW will take place from October 5 to 8. ‘Healing Our World’ is an Australian Ecumenical response to global health crises drawing on:

1. Laudato Si’ – On Care for our Common home

2. Fratelli Tutti – Fraternity & Social Friendship

3. The Economy of Francesco- A response to the world’s inequalities

4. The United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

To Register or express interest, email the centre at: or phone at 02 6380 5222.

Climate Changes Everything

Climate change is a serious issue for the entire planet, but especially for those nations in the developing world. Wealthier countries like Australia have a responsibility to protect the poorest and most vulnerable among us. There is a notion that relying less on fossil fuels will have an immediate and negative impact for people living in poverty. This video challenges that view and argues that our changing climate will have more of an impact on those at the margin.

Majellan Family Prayers

Families often face a range of challenges and experiences. But a meaningful prayer life will help get your family through the tough times. So, ‘toughing it out’ is the theme of this week’s Magellan Family Prayer. If you are interested in more prayers for your family, a great resource can be found in Renee Bartkowski’s ”Family Prayers for Daily Grace’. Click below to find out more.

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