Making family decisions

Big family decisions such as the grandparents moving in can be highly emotional. It’s therefore important that all voices are heard equally.

Here’s are some tips to help you in the decision-making process:


  1. Talk over the issue with your spouse first.
  2. Then set a time to discuss with the children.
  3. Use a chart or a sheet of paper to write out a list of pros and cons.
  4. Try to ensure that everyone is on board when the final decision is reached.
  5. Try to ensure the decision-making process is a positive experience for everyone and all contributions are given equal airtime.


A further tip. Consider the decisions you make as a family on a regular basis, such as which breakfast cereal to buy and what movie to watch. This exercise will improve your skills on how to handle large decisions when they arise. 


Good luck and let us know how you went! 😊

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