8 February 2022

Faith On Line

Three-minute reflections. Written by  Redemptorist priests New reflection each Wednesday Almost 30 years ago Majellan introduced Catholic Faithline which included two monthly messages that were written by former Majellan editors Max Barrett CSsR and Bill Stinson CSsR. Father Stinson and now Bishop Paul Bird CSsR recorded the messages. Family reflections cover many issues  ranging from bullying …

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Not bad but good

A small boy once asked me what has been the most pertinent question I’ve ever been asked in my more than 50 years as a priest. The children were being prepared for Easter and reflecting on the events of Holy Week when the boy suddenly launched into a second question:

Anointing the sick

Sickness is not just a disorder of the body, but affects the mind, heart, attitudes and emotions as well. It brings people face to face with personal limitations and the frustration of their longings for endless life, meaning and well-being. It also tends to disrupt relationships, including one’s connection with God. Sickness, then, is wide-ranging in its effects, both on the sick themselves and on all others who make up their social world.