Day: 22 March 2022

Kirsty Robertson CEO of Caritas Australia Podcast

Our special guest on The Mission Podcast is the CEO of Caritas Australia, Kirsty Robertson. Kirsty featured on our Figuring out Families Podcasts just over 2 years ago. Caritas Australia is the Catholic Church’s international aid and development agency and is part of one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world.
Kirsty speaks about Project Compassion during Lent which is one of Caritas’ main fundraising drives for the year. She also talks about Caritas’ humanitarian role to help the people in Ukraine and the dreadful toll the war is having on families.
Despite two years of COVID-19, Kirsty says Australians are still donating generously.

The Child Wellbeing Series Podcasts

Our new podcast series with Professor Daryl Higgins, director of Australian Catholic University’s Institute of Child Protection Studies is timely.

In this first Figuring out Families podcast with Prof Higgins, he says parents need quicker and more improved access to evidence-based support programs to address these rising mental health problems. And he believes primary and secondary schools are well equipped to help deliver the programs that will best meet the needs of young Australians.