15 November 2022

The Prince and the Pauper

We often associate the word ‘king’ with power and majesty. Also, a king’s position is often not dependent on his personal abilities, virtues or goodness, but on family lineage: power and status through inheritance.  But Jesus never displayed that kind of power or majesty; after all, he was born in a stable!  

The world’s oldest storytellers

As November is Family Stories Month, we believe families should set aside the month to share stories amongst themselves. This week’s article focuses on Australia’s Indigenous who are the oldest storytellers in the world and the Christian Gospels.

Celebrating our little ones

The theme for World Children’s Day on Sunday is ‘Inclusion, For Every Child’In the lead up to Sunday and on the day, hundreds of events are planned across Australia in schools, childhood education centres, workplaces, and communities.