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Day of Tolerance

16 November is the International Day of Tolerance.

  • Jesus never promoted violence or intolerance. He openly condemned the use of force to gain power over others:
    “Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.”

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    The Dinner Table Podcast– for gathering, sharing, being family

    We are on a mission to reunite families at the Dinner Table!  NEW PODCAST.

    We want to help families be closer, sharing and more loving. The dinner table is not only an area for eating but a place for gathering, sharing, communicating and where relationships can grow.
    We are joined again by Derek Boylen who featured in our Focus Sessions series.

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    The world’s oldest storytellers

    As November is Family Stories Month, we believe families should set aside the month to share stories amongst themselves. This week’s article focuses on Australia’s Indigenous who are the oldest storytellers in the world and the Christian Gospels.

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    Celebrating our little ones

    The theme for World Children’s Day on Sunday is ‘Inclusion, For Every Child’In the lead up to Sunday and on the day, hundreds of events are planned across Australia in schools, childhood education centres, workplaces, and communities.

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    Bateman’s Bay for the Bosnjaks

    November is Family Stories Month, and we believe families should set aside the month to share stories amongst themselves. Story telling is a fun way to learn more about the different generations before it’s too late. This article is about a family, Andrew and Donna Bosnjak, and their children Jack and Annabelle, whose traditional summer holiday involves the beach.

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    The toll on those left behind!

    As we mark Remembrance Day, it is also important to note the suffering of the loved ones left behind. Many families kissed and hugged their sons goodbye only to never set eyes on them again

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    We remember

    Friday is Remembrance Day when we honour those Australians who died in the line of duty. It has been celebrated around the Commonwealth and other parts of the world since the end of World War I with many people wearing a red poppy in remembrance.

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    No time to waste

    No one would doubt the importance of recycling. The need to protect our planet and to ensure future generations enjoy what we have enjoyed is a no-brainer!

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