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World Meeting of Families starts today

The meeting will cover topics ranging from educating young people in sexuality to being Christians in the era of social media, and from families that suffer domestic violence to accompanying couples in their first year of marriage.

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Catholic Church preparing for Season of Creation

Following an inspiring  Laudato Si’ Week 2022, the Catholic Church is preparing to once again join our Christian sisters and brothers in celebrating the global Season of Creation later this year. The worldwide ecumenical celebration of prayer and action for our common home is held annually from September 1, the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, to October 4, the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology.

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Happy homecoming

Let’s be honest. There hasn’t been much good news about lately. The war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, increased power prices, the cost of living … the negative news seem to be on endless rotation.

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The war to end all wars

Humans have a terrible habit of not learning from past mistakes. After the atrocious trench warfare of World War 1 and the dreadful toll of lives lost, many world leaders said there would be no more wars. They claimed it was ‘the war to end all wars’.

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The joy of raising children

When I went into the kids’ bathroom last week and saw 18-year-old Sam’s undies in their usual spot on the floor, I sat on the edge of the bath and cried. Empty nest syndrome was something I had read about with only passing interest but it had finally come home to roost.

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Eco-conversion story

With the Encyclical Laudato Si, I heard the call of our Mother Church to live an ecological conversion. Little by little I have incorporated changes, small but lasting, that allow me to move forward every day in a more sober lifestyle. Because any change in favor of the common home, is not insignificant but not enough either, there will always be something left to improve or to do.

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Nature’s revenge

Australians were deeply shaken by the severity of the 2019-20 bushfire season. The unprecedented bushfires cost more than 30 lives, destroyed 2,000 homes and buildings, and burnt millions of hectares of native forest and farmlands. Experts estimate that more than a million native animals may have been killed.

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Laudato Si Week 2022

Laudato Si’ Week encourages the faithful to intensify efforts against climate crisis. The weeklong event marking the seventh anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical on creation care, will feature a series of global celebrations and the first-ever public sneak peek of The Invitation, a new film featuring Pope Francis.

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics will unite from May 22-29 to celebrate the progress made in bringing Laudato Si’ to life and intensify their efforts through the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform which is empowering Catholic institutions, communities, and families to fully implement Laudato Si’.

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Laudato Si

Laudato Si' Partnership In a first for Australia, Majellan Media has partnered with the global The Laudato Si’ Movement to help bring about change and

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