8 July 2021

For once Victoria is not in lockdown while other areas of Australia are facing hardship. Our prayers and thoughts are with all those people who are experiencing lockdown. Melburnians know all too well how difficult it can be and we hope that wherever you live you are coping with the restrictions.

This week we launch a new video series titled the Majellan Update. The short videos will be published weekly and are great way to keep up with what is happening at Majellan, especially if you are time poor. Join David Ahern, editor of the Majellan magazine and Brendan Byrne, our Marketing and Communications Officer as they highlight key stories and events that relate to faith and families. View episode one on YouTube here. We hope you enjoy.

Pope Francis has called on us all to be proactive on climate change. See the article below on how you can take direct action by signing the petition by the Global Catholic Climate Movement. Join this worldwide petition to send a strong message to world leaders that as Catholics we stand with Pope Francis.

Every blessing.


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Back to School 2022

With the long summer break drawing to a close, parents naturally think of check lists and what needs to be done.

We’ve put together some advice on how to prepare your child for the coming year.

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Repentance clears the way for hope

Today’s gospel follows John the Baptist’s preparation of the people of Israel for the coming of the Messiah. John’s mission is to communicate as clearly as possible that God’s people are in feeble spiritual health. John knows that God’s chosen one is coming to offer a new way of knowing and relating to God.

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Drinking the new wine

Of all Jesus’ miracles, we might think his turning water into wine is the least significant. However, for John, this miracle at the wedding feast of Cana takes pride of place as the first of the ‘signs’ given by Jesus.

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8 thoughts on “Newsletter”

  1. Patricia Ferguson

    I agree totally with Tony and hope that there will be a greater improvement in vaccinations, quarantine decisions and particularly care for vulnerable people, the refugees and homeless.

  2. Desmond and Bianca O'Connor

    What a disappointment to read your extremely political comments in this latest Bulletin. The Covid pandemic is beyond politics and your politicising it. You of Italian background should know what Italy has gone through in the last 15 months (of course Italy as well as India, Brazil, USA, etc.). If you are talking about “catastrophe” (your word), think about the over 350 Italian doctors and the 270 Italian priests who have lost their lives, and the 100,000 Italian health care workers who have been infected while devoting themselves to the care of those who had caught the virus. Think of the more than a thousand Italians who each day in past months in Italy have died in intensive care. You might know that in the last couple of days Italy has decided to end its lockdown with “only” a thousand people who are now testing positive each day. Before you use the Majellan ‘audience’ to attack our governments, you should get some perspective.

    You say that “this is not about which party is governing us”. However, you attack only the Federal government and virtually ignore the disaster of the management of the pandemic by your State government. (For the record, we the undersigned have no political affiliation nor are we aligned to any political party).

    Why not reflect more on a couple of the topics that Pope Francis continues to highlight and condemn – abortion and euthanasia, especially since Majellan purports to be, and has for decades been, a strong defender of the “traditional” family. Such legislation has been enacted recently here in SA or is currently being considered and shortly to be enacted. Similarly in some other States. How sad it is that SA is following your Victorian “lead” in now allowing late term abortion and permitting euthanasia. How sad is it that we now, more than ever before, have a ‘culture of death’: killing people before they are born and having doctors kill the elderly when they no longer want to live. The final stage will be the acceptance (facilitation?) of the suicide of people of any age.

    We did not subscribe to Majellan to read political statements, indeed outbursts, such as you published today. Our families have proudly supported the Majellan in past decades. However, with this current change of direction and politicisation of the magazine we have decided that we will not renew our subscription when it comes due later this year.

  3. I agree that quarantine facilities ought to have been built in about four states about September 2020, and hundreds of thousands of stranded Australians could have been brought back by Christmas. Shame on the State governments, and on the federal leaders !

  4. In Victoria we are in lockdown once again. We are in this situation because of hotel quarantine failures, this time in South Australia. 

    Understandably, many of us Victorians, including me, are angry. And this time with good reason. 

    A lot of the anger is aimed at governments, both state and federal. In Victoria, we should have had contact tracing in place months ago, but sadly we have been too slow in having a standardised and efficient system for ‘checking in’. 

    The federal government is also under increasing scrutiny for the mishandling of quarantine for returned overseas travellers and the roll out of the vaccine. These vital defences against the virus appear to have been hopelessly mismanaged.   

    At Majellan we usually steer well clear of political comment. This is not about which party is governing us, it is about the handling of the current catastrophe we are facing. Three issues I personally find disturbing are: 

    The absolute denial by ministers that there is an issue and the misleading comments they make about how well the vaccine rollout is going. There are problems with supply and delivery of vaccines. Yet, we keep being told all is well. Especially telling was a comment made recently by the health minister that 100% of aged care facilities have ‘had’ the vaccine. This leads to my second issue: 
    Unfortunately, he has not/will not admit that a very low percentage of people in these facilities, whether residents or their carers, have been vaccinated! It seems that we have learned little from the last outbreak in aged care. Why is this not a priority?  
    What angers me the most, however, is that we have a government willing to spend tens of millions of dollars building facilities to incarcerate asylum seekers, yet are unable to spend money on building purpose-built quarantine facilities. Where are our priorities? 

    I believe I had to vent my anger and frustration at what I see as injustices to many of the most vulnerable people in our society. No doubt there are people who will disagree with me.  

    I pray as a nation we can and will do better. 

    Tony Biviano
    CEO Majellan Media

    We invite you to share your thoughts, views, comments about any issue relating to family, faith or any feedback you wuold like to give us

    1. Angela Forsyth

      I totally agree with Tony and am extremely angered myself about this lockdwn. It affects mostly the vulnerable as per usual.
      This 4th lockdown in the midst of a Melbourne winter is a nightmare and makes everything seem so very hopeless.
      This shouldn’t have happened – if hotel quarantine and vaccinations had been run properly in the first place. Sorry to vent but it is so very frustrating and I work in a hospital so patients have to be rescheduled and procedures pushed back – it just doesn’t end.
      Thank you for putting it out there.
      Angela Baker

    2. Tony

      I completely agree with your comments. Australia really has to do better. All contact health and care workers should be vaccinated. Overseas Australians should be able to get back home even if a stay in a properly set up quarantine facility like Howard Springs is involved.

  5. It has been all along that the Government gives them selfes a pat on the back.
    But not looking really what needs to be done, we just have to wait and see if things get better. In my opinion the elderly in nursing care should have been immunised as a priority. it is time the people that govern this country take more care.

  6. For someone who wants to steer clear of politics you certainly don’t stick to that.
    In your latest comments you have a go at the Government of both persuasions, but more so the Federal.
    Hopefully you will comment on the incompetence of the Andrews Govt. poor handling of the virus.

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