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Prayer and asking

Have you ever whispered a prayer, wondering if it was too insignificant to be heard? Fr David Hore, a Redemptorist priest, returns to share his profound insights on why every plea to the divine matters. He unpacks the essence of prayer as an honest exchange with God, free from the constraints of triviality. Fr David guides us through the concept that all requests, big or small, are cherished by God, reminding us that the act of asking is itself an act of faith in divine providence.

As we draw nearer to Easter, David’s wisdom resonates with the promise of transformation, turning our personal ‘Good Fridays’ into ‘Easter Sundays’. He encourages us to view prayer not as a last-ditch effort but as a natural part of our life’s journey, filled with its myriad joys and challenges. This episode isn’t just about redefining our spiritual dialogue, it’s about recognising our dependence on God our creator and finding hope in the knowledge that we are heard, known by name, and eternally cared for.

Join us for a conversation that promises to uplift and deepen your understanding of how prayer can be a powerful force in your life.

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Jokes 20/3

A farmer lived alone near a country town with a small dog that he loved and doted on. After many long years of faithful service, the dog finally died so the farmer went to his parish priest and said, “Father, my dear dog has died. Could you possibly offer some prayers at Mass for him on Sunday?”

The priest replied, “I’m so very sorry for your loss but unfortunately I can’t pray for your dog at Mass.”

The farmer said, “I understand Father, really I do. I guess I’ll have to go to the new church down the road. No telling what they believe. Do you think $1000 is enough to donate for the service?”

The priest piped up, “Why didn’t you tell me that your dog was Catholic.”

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Valuing your work self

Covid changed the way many of us work. Being in lockdown forced much of the global workforce to spend time at home with the result many people are now happy not to go back to the office.

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a person showing compassion to another who is needing help. The image should depict a person praying and dreaming of a compaassionate deed in todays modern world.

Prayer and compassion

Have you ever considered that the true power of prayer might lie in its ability to foster compassion within us? In this episode Fr David Hore, a Redemptorist priest shares an enlightening perspective on how prayer can extend beyond our own desires to resonate with the struggles and triumphs of those around us. David eloquently explains how we can transform our prayer into an act of deep solidarity, creating a bridge to a more united humanity.

Seeking solace in the divine often involves a heartfelt plea for personal guidance, but as Fr David illustrates, there’s an even greater depth to be discovered when we intertwine our spirits with others in prayer. He emphasises the importance of a compassionate approach to our spiritual lives, where empathy becomes action, and the act of listening becomes a profound gesture of support. Join us to uncover the immeasurable impact compassionate prayer can have, not only on the lives of others but on the very essence of our being.

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Jokes 13/3

Jokes Paddy and Mick were standing at the base of a flagpole, looking up. A woman walked by and asked what they were doing. “We’re

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