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Communication. The foundation of relationships

As much as good communication can build positive bonds and mutual respect, so can poor communication remove trust and break down the foundation of a relationship.

Entire books have been written on this topic alone. However we have condensed the subject into two incredibly informative podcasts.

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The art of communicating well

Communicating well is the foundation of a strong relationship. There are a lot of pitfalls that go with communication, but there are also a lot of practical things that people can do that actually help. It’s important in every relationship, especially between partners and marriage, but also between parents and children.

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Ukraine’s Easter sorrow

For a second consecutive Easter the people of Ukraine are suffering through the horrors of war. And fourteen months after the Russian invasion, the war shows no sign of ending. Majellan Media ran this article in our weekly newsletter a year ago. Such is the importance of this issue, the article appears here again.

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Stations of the Cross

Watch this beautiful presentation of  Fr Tony Kelly’s CSsR Stations of the Cross for today’s world.  These are powerful meditations about Christ’s Passion. The reflections are read by Fr John Hill CSsR and the presentation features Aboriginal paintings and images of the Australian outback.

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