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Embracing ‘loving’ conflict

Raising kids and being married is hard. And doing both things well can sometimes be downright daunting. On my wedding day, I had a hope-filled vision of how I was going to manage conflict in my marriage. Now ten years on, I have discovered that after many frustrating moments and misunderstandings, simply avoiding conflict just doesn’t cut it.

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How to stem the suicide rate?

More than 3,000 people take their own lives in Australia each year. And the problem is only getting worse amongst younger age groups. Figures compiled by the Victorian Coroners Court, for example, show 13 young people aged under 18 took their lives between the start of January and the end of March in Victoria this year.

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Figuring out your love map

With divorce rates increasing in the Western world, the question still remains why do some relationships work and others fail? There’s no doubt stress over work, money and children can add to the higher separation rates.

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