Needing friends

My iPhone buzzed. I looked down at the text message on the glowing blue screen. The words took a moment to sink in. It was like being back in primary school and discovering you hadn’t been invited to your friend’s sleepover, only worse.

Pope’s message to the elderly

Dear Friends,
“In old age they will still bear fruit” (Ps 92:15). These words of the Psalmist are glad tidings, a true “gospel” that we can proclaim to all on this second World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. They run counter to what the world thinks about this stage of life, but also to the attitude of grim resignation shown by some of us elderly people, who harbour few expectations for the future.

Plenary Council Outcomes

The Fifth Plenary Council of Australia has concluded with agreement on all motions including (Part 4.5) ‘that should the universal law of the Church be modified to authorise the diaconate for women, the Plenary Council recommends the Australian Bishops receive this possibility with openness and examine how best to implement it in the context of the of the Church in Australia’.

Majellan’s newest team member

We welcome Cheryl Brodie to the Majellan team as Communications and Marketing Officer.

Cheryl’s own values include a commitment to her faith and her family. She shares that after working in corporate roles within health care and education, it became apparent to her that her faith life was a shared goal paramount to a satisfying workplace. Read Cheryl’s story and her courage in living with a ‘disability’.