Summer 2023

Beacon for a troubled land

On a warm spring night in April 1968, in the Zeitoun district of Cairo, Egypt, two workers saw a woman on the top of Saint Mary’s Coptic Church. The workers, thinking that she was about to jump from the roof, called the police who claimed the two men were witnessing a reflection from the street lamps. 

A perpetual prayer for loved ones

We all have family and friends who may be struggling and in need of prayers. To assist those who would like to reach out to loved ones, Majellan and the Redemptorists have introduced a new Personalised Prayer Card that includes an image of the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH). 

Tasty Christmas delights

Food and drink are essential for any festivity. From the 4th century, when the date for Christmas was set, celebrations emerged, many from already existing mid-winter pagan practices. As Christianity spread throughout Europe (from Ireland in the 5th century to Hungry in the 10th), each country established its own Christmas traditions and customs, but all involved food.


It is a sad fact that many families struggle at Christmas. While it should be a time for families coming together and enjoying one another’s company over a meal and a few drinks, unfortunately that is not always the case.

Yuletide favourites

Christmas is a fun time of the year. For most people it represents time off work to spend with families and an opportunity to watch your favourite movies. You are free to disagree, but this is my list of the best Christmas movies, carols and books to grace our homes.